Rest Assured That Your Vehicle Can Stop Safely

Bring your vehicle to our brake repair shop for brake maintenance in Pipe Creek, TX

Brake repairs aren't something you can put off until the last minute. Bad breaks will not only wear down your tires, rotors and calipers faster, but they could also put you and other drivers at risk. To make sure your brakes stay in top shape, visit Quality Automotive Service to receive brake maintenance in Pipe Creek, TX.

Our experts will complete a full brake assessment and ABS test. Once that's done, you can count on us to repair or replace your brake pad, rotor or ABS as needed.

Call 830-510-6306 now to learn about our emergency services.

3 signs that you need brake repairs now

Do you know which red flags show that you need brake repairs? Bring your vehicle into our shop ASAP if you:

  1. Hear squealing noises whenever you push on the brake pedal
  2. Notice your vehicle taking longer to slow down than it normally does
  3. Feel your car pulling to the side or vibrating when you pump the brakes

Don't wait for your brakes to have problems before you check them out - schedule brake maintenance services today.